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So what is Celiac any way??

This if only for those of you who have been asking.............

I've been asked this question a lot lately, and many people who know the short answer want a longer answer, so.....

I hope this answers some questions and isn't too long.

Celiac Disease info from American Celiac Disease Alliance

Celiac Disease


Celiac disease has been known by many different names in the medical literature over the years, including gluten-sensitive enteropathy and celiac sprue (to differentiate it from tropical sprue).  CELIAC DISEASE can be defined as a permanent intolerance to the gliadin fraction of wheat protein and related alcohol-soluble proteins (called prolamines) found in rye and barley.  CELIAC DISEASE occurs in genetically susceptible individuals who eat these proteins, leading to an autoimmune disease, where the body’s immune system starts attacking normal tissue.  This condition continues as long as these food products are in the diet.


The resulting inflammation and atrophy of the intestinal villi (small, finger-like projections in the small intestine) results in the malabsorption of critical vitamins, minerals, and calories.  Signs and symptoms of the disease classically include diarrhea, short stature, iron-deficiency anemia and lactose intolerance.  However, many patients will also present with “non-classical” symptoms, such as abdominal pain, “irritable bowel”, and osteoporosis.  Patients may also be screened for celiac disease because of the presence of another autoimmune disease, such as type I diabetes or thyroid disease, or a family history of celiac disease, without having any obvious symptoms.  Serum antibodies can be utilized to screen for celiac disease.  However, the key to confirming the diagnosis remains a small intestinal biopsy, and the patient’s subsequent clinical response to a gluten-free diet.  Clinicians in the United States must maintain a high index of suspicion for this disease, as it is significantly under-diagnosed in this country. 


What is a wheat allergy?


    People can also have other medical problems, besides celiac disease, when they eat wheat and related proteins.  Wheat allergy is one of the top 8 food allergies in the United States.  Allergic reactions after eating wheat may include reactions in the skin, mouth, lungs, and the GI tract.  Symptoms of wheat allergy can include rash, wheezing, lip swelling, abdominal pain and diarrhea.  The branch of the immune system activated in allergic reactions is different from the branch thought to be responsible for the autoimmune reactions of celiac disease.


 What is gluten intolerance?


    People can also experience’ intolerance’ to gluten.  Food intolerances are not thought to be immune mediated.  GI symptoms with wheat or gluten intolerance may include gassiness, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and diarrhea.  These symptoms are usually transient, and are thought to NOT cause permanent damage.

    Patients with lactose intolerance, where the lactose sugar in diary products is not digested well, may also experience gassiness, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and diarrhea.  Like gluten or wheat intolerance, these symptoms will pass once the lactose is out of the person's system, and will not cause permanent damage.

What this means for me:


            As many of you may know I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 8 years ago because of the severe pain and fatigue I was experiencing.  I was constantly sick with something.  I had unexplained anemia, IBS, and no one could figure out what was going on, so they thought I had fibromyalgia.  Then I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy 3 years ago.  I stopped eating wheat and suddenly I felt much better.  Not perfect, but much better.  Then I started seeing a lot of articles linking wheat and gluten and asked my doctor to test me for Celiac Disease.  He gave me the blood test and it came back negative.  (I now know that I wasn’t eating enough gluten for the test to work, and the test is false about 50% of the time)  But I decided to stop eating gluten anyway.

And WOW, within a month my life had changed.  I looked forward to waking up.  My husband could touch me without it hurting.  I didn’t feel like a big bruise.  I no longer felt like I was in a stupor.  The IBS stopped.  As long as I’m diligent, my life is worth living again.


So do I have Celiac Disease.  I believe so yes.  And so does my doctors.  The symptoms I had before lean more towards the auto immune disease.  Also I have the dermatitis herpiformis (a rash that people with Celiac’s gets).  But can I prove it, No.  I will not eat enough gluten to have a positive test.


I hope this answers some of the questions that have been out there.


Writer's Block: Whose part would you play?

I should say Samantha Carter because she's smart and respected and ....you know. but I think I'l have much more fun being Vala Mal Doran. She's just fun! And she has enough faults to be human-ish. But, I should probably put more thought in it.
If you could be cast on any TV show, from any time, who would you play?

Tarot meme

FREE Microwave

Anyone need a Microwave?  We have a small microwave oven in good condition free for the taking if anyone wants it or knows of anyone who wants it.

costumes, and such...

for all of you who haven't seen it, you know who you are...


Monster Name

SHH sent me this and I thought is was cute.

Monster Initial Generator

You can't really see the monsters here, but some of them are cool.  I like the S the best.

Sci-fi Crew

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Along came a spider.....

I saw the oddest thing...outside our apartment there is a little spider web, with a very little spider in it.  This little spider is very industrious, he has captured a snake.  Granted it's a little snake, about 6 inches long, but the spider is a teenie tiny thing.   Most of the body of the snake is on the ground but about 2 inches is suspended by the web.  He's been hanging  there for a few days now and that is really yucky considering how hot it's been.   I don't understand how the guy who was blowing off the sidewalk didn't blow it away, after all he blew our door mat away.  I'm kinda glad it's still there, yuck factor and every thing, that spider just amazes me.  And that dumb snake, how could he allow himself to be captured by an itsy bitsy  spider?   Kinda makes ya wonder??

But I think the little spider has food for the winter!


The BEST news ever!!!

Sandy's tumor was non-cancerous!!!  Yay!  I am sooooo relieved!
She had her stitches taken out this morning and she looks great!  She has to wear the Elizabethan Collar for a couple more days but after than she will be good as new!

We did find out that she has hypothyroidism (low thyroid), just like me.  That explains the weight gain at least.  She starts her meds in the morning and she gets re-checked in a month.


update on Paint your own Pottery.

For those who would like to go to Glazetopia for Paint your own Pottery how about October 14th??
They open at 2pm on Sunday so I was thinking we could go for lunch before hand.  How about at Kenny's Classics, it's a new place in the same shopping center as Glazetopia.

If you can't make it on that day, I can go more than once if you want to go with me.  If not, please go when you can.  I really like the place and would like to help her get her business under way. 

I'm really looking forward to a creative day with my friends.

BTW - (jenndorff you are too good at it!!)

On another note....
we had [info]moonfl0wer, t, jenndorff, and jdorff over for dinner last night.  It was sooo much fun.  Thanks guys for coming over.
we should do it again sometime soon!